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     Creative Waterscapes, Inc. is a privately held corporation located in the Northwest corner of Indiana, Crown Point to be exact, which is roughly 35 minutes from downtown Chicago. 


  Creative Waterscapes, Inc. had its humble beginnings as a dream, a labor of love and a partnership between friends. The founders of the company took their years of landscaping knowledge, business sense, and a dream to own their own company into reality on a Spring morning in May
Creative Waterscapes, Inc. had its humble beginnings as a dream, a labor of love and a partnership between friends. The founders of the company took their years of landscaping knowledge, business sense, and a dream to own their own company into reality on a Spring morning in May 1995.  With just a few hundred dollars of their pooled money, Creative Waterscapes was born.  These two men, Alan J. Slade - President/CEO and Brian J. Ruschak - VP/Corporate Liaison, tapped into a relatively unknown region of the landscaping industry, a niche, if you will. The market of ponds, water gardens, and fountains was still just gaining in popularity, and in retrospect, they started at just the right time.  It was a rough beginning, but soon everything started to click and the company began to grow and expand.
Their mission was simple, yet bold: To bring the beauty, tranquility, and serenity of backyard water gardens to every backyard in Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland.  One might agree, that was pretty bold statement on their part.  You need to have attainable goals, not fantasies. Though this may have been unrealistic at one time, it gave them something to strive for.  With Creative Waterscapes’ current growth and expansion we have taken the liberty to realign our philosophies to match our new mission:
Our new mission: To empower the consumer, through education and expert guidance, affording them the ability, confidence, and satisfaction of installing a water feature, while supplying the highest quality equipment and services at the lowest cost.
Creative Waterscapes was originally formed as an installation, consulting and maintenance company. We have since evolved into a dynamic, international design, consultation and mail-order corporation wit clients throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific. 

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Corporate Philosophy

From Creative Waterscapes’ humble beginnings in the sun baked clay and mud of Hoosiers backyards. We have taken the bull by the horns, or more appropriately the Koi by the tail and expanded into global retail sales of the very supplies we use every day. We sell and distribute merchandise to customers all over the world.  Be it Canada, Thailand, Italy, Mexico or anywhere in between, we have a satisfied customer there.  It is true that we are a young company, but we have years of experience in dealing with what we enjoy, the installation and maintenance of ornamental fountains and ponds. 
  Being a young company, we have many fresh ideas. What is even better that that is that we and are not afraid to try out new products and materials.  Technology is changing at a blistering pace and we try to stay on the forefront of new techniques, materials and equipment! What this means to you and I, is that we can spend less time “fussing” with more time enjoying our water features.  When it comes to design and installation, our staff has years of “hands-on” experience. We have made many of the mistakes you have not, and consider them a learning experience.  From those mistakes, we have devised new and innovative techniques to solve problems. It is this experience and problem solving ability which makes us the best at what we do...putting the creative in Creative Waterscapes!
  All of the products we feature in our warehouse and online catalog site are products we use in our own ponds as well as our clients’.
  One point we would like to stress to all of our customers, is that when it comes to the quality of your equipment, now is not the time to skimp. Sure there are less expensive pumps, filters, and liners out there on the market. But, we believe you really do get what you pay for these days, so when it comes to the equipment you choose to use, you should always buy the best you can afford. It will not benefit your, your fish, or your  pocket book to replace equipment in a year because it was cheaper.

Creative Waterscape’s History

  Mr. Ruschak took a sabbatical in 1998 when he graduated from the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN to pursue his American Dream.  We respect Mr. Ruschak’s decisions to move on and see where life will take him and his family.  We have secured a position on the board so that we can tap his extensive business and high volume retail knowledge when needed.  As a member of the board of directors Brian helps keep us on track with an “outsider’s” view of the industry as whole.  He can also help us move in directions we sometimes overlook.
  When Brian left the company, Mr. Slade purchased a majority of Brian’s share of Creative Waterscapes. For a few years, Creative Waterscapes reverted to a Sole-Proprietorship. Mr. Slade, made it a personal mission to keep building and expanding the company’s product line, services, and customer base. He used the vast power of the Internet to take Creative Waterscapes from a small company in an Indiana town and presented it to the global community. What you see before you today is years of hard work, passion, and many long hours rolled into one neat 80 page website.
  In the 4th quarter of 1999, the economy was phenomenal and the pond business was flourishing. It was decided then and there that incorporation would be best move for Creative Waterscapes.   As of January 1st 2000, Creative Waterscapes was incorporated in the state of Indiana and the board of directors was  selected.
  What does the future hold? Increased sales we hope...we are always looking for new vendors, larger markets, new products, and customers. Realizing that we do not have to just sell domestically has helped us open our markets even wider than before. with over 3/4 of the world’s population outside of the US, we have seen international sales take a strong foothold.  from 1998 to 1999 we had a total growth of over 145%. In the first quarter of 2000 we surpassed our growth from 1999.  For the whole year of 2000, we have seen yet another banner year with growth of over 800% so we are doing something right. We could not do it without people like yourselves...for that we Thank You. The rest of this story has yet to be written, but it is looking very good!
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