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Welcome to our 2001 online catalog Enjoy!

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This site was last updated on: September 10, 2001

Your Water Garden and Pond Supply Catalog

   All of the products we feature on this web site are products we use in our own ponds as well as our clients’.  When it comes to the quality of your equipment, now is not the time to skimp. It is not to your benefit or pocketbook to replace equipment in a year or two because it was cheaper.  We believe you really do get what you pay for these days, so when it comes to the equipment you choose to use, you should use the best you can afford. For this reason, we try to carry only the best products.  As mentioned earlier, this is the same equipment we use in our installations and we believe in it 100%. Lets face it, you can not build a good reputation on callbacks and disgruntled customers.


   We hope that you find everything you are looking for in this catalog.  If there is something that you are looking for and do not see it here, give us a call and we can probably find it for you.  We have an extensive network of contacts in the water garden and aquaculture industry if they cannot find it, it probably does not exist!


Pond Liners
Fountain Heads
UV Sterilizers
Pond Kits

We carry a full line of pressurized and gravity flow filtration systems to fit all your needs. Biological filtration is a necessary part of any healthy pond. Check These Out!

TetraPond  and Firestone PondGuard and Anjon pond liners both 45 Mil and 60 Mil EPDM Rubber - Fish Safe! We even have the new Dupont XavanTM

Having problems keeping the leaves and debris from settling to the bottom of your pond?  Is your bio filter clogging up prematurely? Then you may need a skimmer!

We carry a full line of pumps from name you trust, like: OASE, Sequence Pumps, Laguna, Tsurumi, etc. We have just what you are looking for to add circulation to your pond or power your waterfall

We carry a full line of OASE residential and commercial fountain heads and accessories. A fountain may be the highlight of your water garden, take a look at these to see which one you like!

An Aqua Ultraviolet ultraviolet system is intended to clarify your ponds water by killing bacteria, protozoa, and planktonic algae living in your pond.  Want to see your fish again? Click hear and make the first step!

Do you have a large pond or lake, then a floating fountain might be what you are looking for. They can add beauty as well as help keep the water clear.

Are you looking for a kit that has everything you need to install a beautiful, low maintenance pond? Click Here or on the Koi and we will make your dreams come true!

All the supplies you could possibly need to get your pond up and running can be found here!  Do you also want to keep the system healthy too?  Try some of the water treatments as well as fertilizer and pots for your plants!

Looking for valves, fittings and bottom drains, click here and you can find them!  If you you are trying to locate something odd, like a 6” ball valve, give us a call, 90% of the time we can probably get it for you!

You can find everything else here, including nets, thermometers, underwater lighting, plant protectors, and seasonal items!

Call 1-888-551-4343 for quotes on all installations, service, maintenance, ordering, and consulting

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