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     Are you looking to put a pond together, but really do not know exactly what you will need? How much liner and underlayment? Which pump is right for me? Filtration?  Well these kits solve just those problems in one easy step, just pick a size!.  They have everything you will need to install a beautiful pond.  What you see in the picture here is what you will get.  Well, maybe not all of this, it depends on which level you choose.

Levels....what levels?

   These kits have been broken down into 3 different levels, and those levels all have either a regular efficiency or high efficiency pump upgrade option, so I guess you can say there are 6 levels.  So that we do not confuse you anymore, here is what each level consists of:


Level 1: The Landscape Kit

1.) Pond liner (do not forget to buy extra when adding a stream!)
2.) Liner Underlayment
3.) PondSweep skimmer/pump vault
4.) Purifalls Biological Filter
5.) Bulkhead fitting to pipe adapter (will match to your pipe specs.)
6.) Pump and pump discharge
7.) Check valve
8.) Underwater lights and transformer
9.) Bacteria
10.) Owners manual and filter installation instructions

Level 2: The Complete Kit

11.) Low water automatic pump shutoff
12.) Open mesh plant baskets (Std. set of 3 - 1 kidney, 2 square)
13.) 50 Feet of flexible PVC tubing (Specify 1.25” or 2”)
14.) Teflon tape
15.) Silicone (Seals liner to skimmer face, fish-safe, 2.8oz tube)
16.) PVC Cement and primer
17.) Skimmer Lid
18.) Waterfall stone for the Purifalls
19.) Dechloronator (treats 5000 gals)

Level 3: The Ultimate Kit

20.)   a.) PSA Bottom Drain Kit (for rock and gravel bottom ponds)
        b.) Tetra bottom drain kit (for bare liners - penetrates pond bottom)
        c.) Tetra vaccumn bottom drain (for bare liners - penetrates liner outside of skimmer)
21.) Two 25lb bags of Balance filter media
22.) Automatic water fill/top-off
23.) 100’ of 1/2” poly pipe (for water fill)
24.) Adjustable rock and plant shelf for Purifalls
25.) Aquatabs plant fertilizer
26.) Thermometer
27.) Lime green SuperMat for skimmer
28.) Liquid Nitrifier (treats 5000 gals.)
29.) Subscription to “Pond keeper” magazine.

Other Essential Items:

30. Waterfall stone sealant
31.) Rocks and gravel
32.) Lava rock or Balance Filter Media (standard with Ultimate kit)

Other Recommended Pond Kit Items:

33. Seam Tape
34.) Waterfall accent or sleek spotlights

Accessory Kits and Tools from Creative Waterscapes:

Stream, Ultraviolet & Winterization Kits

35. Length of 10’ wide EPDM liner with matching underlayment
36.) Winterization kit includes a De-icer and De-icer guard
37.) Ultraviolet Sterilizers, see that section of the catalog!
38.) Miscellaneous, clamps and PVC fittings, call for more details

Now that you know what you can get with every step up and what you may need and can get as accessories, follow the link to the kit listings!

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