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   Floating fountains can add beauty and an element of grace to any large body of water. How many times have you been driving down the road or freeway and had your attention drawn to a fountain in the middle of a lake or pond. 

   If you are a developer, floating fountains will draw people to your apartment complexes, subdivisions, or office complexes.  Floating fountains can give that finishing touch to large office buildings and industrial complexes, while offering your


employees a place to relax during the heat of summer, on their lunch break that is!  Floating fountains are not only beautiful, they can also keep your ponds, lakes, and retention basins healthy.  The constant movement of water helps aerate the water thus keeping any fish and livestock healthy They also keep the water from stagnating and reduce foul odors. They can even help keep the amount of algae manageable.  Now, for all of the benefits, how can you not investigate further!

Brands of Floating Fountains


We deal with to major fountain manufacturers here at Creative waterscapes. They are trusted names in the industry and both offer excellent equipment. These two manufactures are Wesco Fountains and OASE Pumps and Fountains. To see what these two companies have to offer you and your application click on either of their logos below!


Wesco Fountains


OASE Fountains


OASE PondJet Residential Size

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