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Welcome to our 2005 online catalog Enjoy!

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This site was last updated on: January 09, 2005

   Welcome to the Creative Waterscapes Site.  Be sure to visit the Barnes and Noble Booksellers Virtual Book Store here on our site. Through this affiliation, you can not only purchase water gardening books, but you can link directly to the BN.com site as well!
Product Showcase...
Pond Focus!

   This is just a taste of the work we have done to date.  The focus of the on this picture (Top Left) is our integration of natural and man made materials in our Waterscapes.  We feature faux boulders from Urdl's Waterfall Creations.  The three boulders you see in front of you only weigh 100 Lb. each even though they are ~3' X 2'X 18". If they were natural granite the each would have weighed over 1200 Lb!

   The nighttime photo is of a water garden that was featured in US News and World Report.  We just completed the final landscaping in May.  The customer had a natural berm on the back of their property which became an integral part of this 20’ high feature that runs at 8500 GPH through 8 separate cascades, falling 4’ into the main display pool.

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Maybe we can help you fulfill your Dream of a beutiful Waterfeature!

Product Spotlight

 Bubble Washed Bead Filters:

     These filters are designed and built by Aquaculture Systems Technologies, a company located in New Orleans, LA.  They have spent

years and thousands of research dollars perfecting bubble-washed bead filter technology as well as propeller washed bead technology. These filters are designed for use with small recirculating ornamental and Koi ponds as well as large commercial fish hatcheries and farms.  Whatever the size of your system, we have the right size filter!

                       Bubble-Washed                 Propeller-Washed

Scottish Barley Bales                                                                                  $ 15.99 ea
Barley Straw
You have heard the stories about a “natural” algaecide, now you can try it first hand!  These small bales of barley straw have been shown to help reduce algae in your pond by colonizing with beneficial bacteria that feed off of the straw as it breaks down.  The exact mechanism of action is unknown, but some suggest that the broken down byproducts of the straw and bacteria are what inhibit the algae, Give it a try and see if they work for you! -

Seasonal Spotlight...Spring!

   Soon, here in Midwest, and across the country Mother Nature will be taunting us with mild Spring days.  2005 is shaping up to be another glorious pond season and now is the time to reflect upon the past season and prepare for what lies ahead! Before you know it the kids will be out of school and lazy summer days will be upon us.  Don’t be caught off guard, dreaming of what you wanted to do, ACT on those thoughts and plan for the coming year!  Be sure to visit the links below for some ideas on how to maximize your pond experience!

   Now is the time to plan, install, expand, and upgrade for the new season...see the links of popular items below!

 Seasonal   UV Sterilizers   Filters     Pumps

   For those of you who are fortunate enough to enjoy pleasant temperatures throughout the year, it may be time to think about installing a new pond, upgrading old equipment, or even cleaning your existing feature. Below are some links that will be of interest to anyone with a pond, or those thinking about installing one! Be sure to check out our extensive on-line catalog too!

Pond Kits   UV Sterilizers   Filters   Pond Skimmers   Pumps


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