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Pressurized Filtration Systems:

Bubble Washed Bead Filters:

These filters are designed and built by Aquaculture Systems Technologies in New Orleans, LA. They have spent many years researching and perfecting the bubble-washed

 bead technolgy as well as propeller washed bead technology. These filters are designed for use with small recirculating ornamental and Koi ponds as well as large commercial fish hatcheries and farms.  Whatever the size of your system, they have a filter that will take care of it! The benefits of using a bead filter are summarized below:

  • Provides both biological & mechanical filtration
  • Superior solids removal
  • Excellent nitrification
  • Uses low horsepower, low pressure pump
  • Easy to install
  • Perfect to connect to U.V. light
  • No mechanical parts to wear out
  • Small footprint
  • Weather and salt water resistant
  • Easily backflushed
  • Proven and tested design

Washed Bead Filters:

Click on your pond volume and the style of filter you are looking for to jump to the properly sized filter system!

Bubble-Washed Bead Filters:

Propeller-Washed Bead Filters:

Washed Bead Filter Controllers and Accessories:

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