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The Idea behind the use of a bog for filtration has been used by nature since the dawn of time. The theory behind this is that as the water flows through a medium such as soil, gravel, etc and by the roots of plants, the water is cleaned and filtered. This is exactly how the everglades in Florida work as well as any swamp or marshland you have seen.  It is truly natures filter, and quite an effective one at that. The Idea has even been employed by waste treatment facilities throughout the country as a way to cut costs on purification and to help rebuild our wetland ecosystems.

OASE Biological Filter Bogs

PictureThe natural way to keep your pond water clear and healthy, OASE filter bogs are basins made of polyethylene and have a sub floor screen and barrier wall.  Pond water is pumped into a reservoir at the back of the basin and water pressure forces water down and then up through the perforated base plate - into the bio-filter. The bio-filter consists of alternate layers of coarse, medium, and fine stone (not included)
Marginals are planted in the stone and draw the nutrients from the water further cleaning it - just like nature!  Once the clean water reaches the surface, it flows over a lip and back into the pond. OASE Filter Bogs carry a 15-year warranty.
50 Gallon Biological Filter Bog  P/N-88780                         $ 239.99
For use in ponds up to 1500 gallons. Recommended pumps are the
Aquarius 8 or Nautilus 10. Size approx.: 3 feet wide, 4 feet long, and 18
inches deep. OVERSIZED - Must be shipped motor freight
110 Gallon Biological Filter Bog     P/N-88779                       $ 312.99
For use in ponds from 1100 gallons up to 4500 gallons. Recommended
pumps are the Nautilus 10, 30, and 45. Size approx.: 4 feet wide, 5 feet long,
and 20 inches deep. OVERSIZED - Must be shipped motor freight

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