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Pressurized Filtration systems

  The advantages of pressurized filtration systems are numerous. They allow you a greater flexibility in the placement of your filtration equipment for one. Such that you can place all of the filters and pumps in a central location away from the pond or waterfeature.  They also concentrate higher biological activity in a small area (this is compared to a gravity flow types of filters.)
  If you would like to power a waterfall with the same pump you use to circulate water through your pond, No Problem! You can filter the water and then run it to the top of your water feature, be it a waterfall or watercourse, there is no need to have an unsightly or “hard to disguise” - box type, gravity flow filter there. These filters  also allow you the freedom of easy maintenance. For example on the Aqua Ultraviolet filters all you have to do is turn the multi-port valve to backflush and the filter cleans itself.  On the AST Bubble-washed bead filters you have the option of purchasing a controller that will automatically cycle the filter through a cleaning cycle!  What could be easier than that!  There is also no need to spend countless hours digging the bio-media from your filter. And you can finally leave you filter at ground level since there is no need to have your filter higher than your waterfall.

Filter Types:

These Filters are manufactured by Aqua Ultraviolet for use in Koi and fish ponds, no matter what size your pond is, they have one to suit your needs! Plus they are made here in the USA!

These Filters are manufactured by Aquaculture Systems Technologies for use in commercial aquaculture as well as ornamental Koi and fish ponds, no matter what size your pond is, they have one to suit your needs!

This Filter is manufactured by OASE, a familiar name in the watergarden industry.  It is designed for use in Koi and fish ponds up to 4000 Gallons. It is German engineering at its best!

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