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Water Gardening Books


Low Maintenance Water Gardens

  • Author: Helen Nash
  • Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Incorporated
  • Date Published: August 1998
  • Format: Paperback, 128pp
  • ISBN: 0806942835

 From The Publisher: "...tells gardeners how to plan and construct a low-maintenance water garden...provides extensive information on filtration, plant and fish care, and seasonal maintenance. Nash explains how to select the correct site, how to prevent problems concerning tree roots, runoffs, and water tables, how to prevent spilling and flooding, and how to protect water gardens from predators. There is also a list of appropriate tools and equipment. All 128 pages contain color photographs."--Booklist


Water in the Garden

  • Author: James Allison, Anne McDowall (Editor)
  • Publisher: Bulfinch P
  • Date Published: April 1991
  • Format: Hardcover, 1st ed., 160pp
  • ISBN: 0821218395
From The Publisher: Water has featured prominently in garden designs for thousands of years, hardly surprisingly - it can captivate the senses, creating visually stimulating light and movement and soothing, splashing, and bubbling sounds. In its many forms, water can be used as the focus of new gardens or to add an exciting fresh dimension to an existing one.
  Encompassing every aspect of water in the garden, this beautiful - but also eminently practical - book is full of ideas for incorporating water into a garden design. Ponds, watercourses, waterfalls, fountains, and small water features - from pebble fountains to troughs - are illustrated with inspiring photographs, and their construction is explained in detailed text and, where applicable, step-by-step diagrams. There is also a section devoted to bridging water, using steppingstones, timber decking, and islands, as well as a variety of bridges.

Ponds and Fountains

  • Author: James Barrett,Laura Tringali
  • Publisher: Creative Homeowner Press
  • Date Published: August 1994
  • Format: Paperback, 80pp
  • ISBN: 1880029294
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